Worship Services

The of our community

The worship service is not just another hour of the week. It's a time for rest. A time for learning. A time to respond, to give, to receive. A time to be moved and imagine the world as God would have it. And then, as the service ends, we are called to continue our worship of God by serving and loving others. Join us this Sunday.
What is Worship at St. John Like?

From the moment you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed. An usher will give you a bulletin to guide you through the hour-long service. Our music trends traditional: beautiful old hymns, stirring choir specials and solos, meaningful moments of reflection with the organ. We follow the Christian calendar with seasons such as Lent, Easter, Advent, and Christmas.


Our service is centered in prayer: opening with a prayer, joining in a time of confession before God, praying with our children, joining in a pastoral prayer, reciting the Lord's prayer, dedicating our gifts, and receiving the benediction.


Our Pastor Rev. Jacob or a guest preacher share with us a message of hope from the Scriptures weekly. Most of the time, we follow the Revised Common Lectionary as a sign of unity with Christians worldwide.


All of God's children are warmly welcomed among us! Elementary aged and younger children are welcome forward for a children's sermon near the beginning of the service. At your decision, your child may then follow the other kids to a Sunday School time of learning and fun, or they may remain with you for the rest of the service. The noises of children are a welcome expression of worship in our sanctuary. If you would like some time alone with your child however, we have a well-equipped nursery with rocking chairs and toys near the sanctuary.

Previous Services:


As a church, we celebrate two sacraments, or outward signs of inward grace: baptism and communion.


As a United Church of Christ congregation, we recognize Baptism in its many forms: infant, adult; immersion, pouring, sprinkling. For there is "one faith, one Lord, one baptism."


As we remember and proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ, all people are welcome at the Lord's Table. Wafers and bread are served alongside wine and grape juice.

Worship on special occasions

As we journey together, we gather for special occasions of worship, with various expressions of God's grace. We hope that you will join us as we remember God's goodness on occasions such as:
  • Advent
  • Christmas Eve
  • Epiphany
  • Church Council Installation
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Lent
  • Palm Sunday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Pentecost
  • World Communion Sunday
  • Reformation Sunday
  • Totenfest, All Saints Sunday
  • Christ the King Sunday