Children's Ministries

A place to grow, explore, and be loved.

Helping you and your family on the journey...

We want to help you form a deep, abiding faith in the life of your children. We prefer formation to events, family to gimmicks, and exploration in the questions rather than easy answers.


As a United Church of Christ, we celebrate Baptism in all of its forms: infant, adult, immersion, and infusion. It is normative at our church for new infants to be baptized as the sign and sacrament of God's love for that child and God's welcome into the Church. Parents and sponsors vow in baptism to raise the child in the church and form their faith. Alternatively, families from believer's baptism traditions may choose to wait for their child to be baptized until they can confess their faith.

Children's Church

Your children are always welcome in worship and in every activity of our church. If your infant or toddler would be more comfortable in our nursery with you or a caring nursery volunteer, they are also welcome there. A special children's sermon will be given about one-third of the way through the service. After the children's sermon, elementary-aged kids are welcome to go to children's church: a structured and creative learning time centered around today's Scripture reading.

Children's Camps

Our church joyfully supports the work of two United Church of Christ summer camps in our conference. We are blessed to have a local camp right here in town, The Master's Workshop. Alternatively, our Conference camp, Slumber Falls, also has a wide range of camps and activites. To learn more and sign up visit: or

Vacation Bible School

This year we are planning a special weekend Vacation Bible School in the fall. We are planning on a Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning children's education event with crafts, games, snacks, worship, and learning. Please contact Rev. Jacob if you would like to help.

Children's Newsletter

We love keeping in contact with our kids through a periodic children's newsletter. Each newsletter contains a Bible story, engaging questions, reminders of upcoming events, fun activities for the kids, and stickers. See Rev. Jacob if you would like to be added to the list of households receiving this newsletter. (Newsletter recipients don't necessarily need to live around here! We send several out of state.)


As children transition into their teenage years, we offer a confirmation class to help students explore their faith, affirm their membership in the church, and articulate what they believe. If you have a 12 or 13 year old, see Rev. Jacob to set up a confirmation class.