Advent 2020

Alongside St. John United Church of Christ, Robinson TX

An Advent Like No Other...

This has been a wild year, a hard year, and yet, we have more waiting to do as we eagerly anticipate the coming of God into the world at Christmas. We build our anticipation through hope, peace, joy, and love, waiting for the celebration of Christmas. With COVID numbers rising in McLennan County, and stricter restraints being imposed, we don't know how much we will be able to do in person. This page will help us observe Advent online.

Tips for Advent at Home:

  • Create an Advent wreath to use at home. You only need five candles: four in a circle, with the biggest candle in the middle.
  • Use the at-home prayer book we mailed out a few weeks ago to help. You can find that book here.
  • Use the resources on this page for a richer experience.